What is the Little Victories blog? Good question. I think it might be easier to answer by asking another question – who is Paul Meyer? Well that’s me.

Hi there, and welcome to the Little Victories blog written by your friendly neighborhood graphic designer. My name is Paul Meyer I am a designer, letterer, illustrator, jack of all trades sort of personality. I am fairly young in my design career, unofficially designing for 2-3 years now, and I have decided to start a blog. I tried this once, and failed, but I dusted myself off and jumped back on the pony, so here we are. This blog will be a record of my story, a collection of my projects and process, and most importantly a tool for me to share what I do to anyone who is willing to read.

Little Victories. Why Little Victories? As part of sharing my journey, one of my goals in life and in graphic design is to make some sort of change in the world. It may seem cliché and broad in scope, but I think there is something inherent to graphic design being a vehicle for change. There is something embedded in the act of creating that drives me to want to make change and that want of creating change helps to drive my creative process. Making change, however, seems to be a tough goal to reach sometimes and there so many things in the world that could change and only so much time. Sometimes this effort can get overwhelming. One thing that I am constantly telling myself is the little things make a difference. The Little Victories are victories and are worth championing. These Little Victories can be the smallest acts, but one thing I am learning to appreciate is that they add up. Appreciating the Little Victories is something I am learning to do, and I want share these little victories with you.

So what you can look forward to in this blog is a variety of stories, both successes and failures, in many forms of creativity. I do apologize in advance if the writing is elementary and sometimes drags on, but I will do my best to be as pertinent as possible. I am foreseeing a lot of little victories, and a rickety rollercoaster on the way. But that is what makes it fun!

Stay tuned.