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Creating an Interactive Annual Report for the Largest Farming Cooperative in the State

Aurora Cooperative

About the project

Aurora Cooperative is the largest farmers co-op in the state of Nebraska, so when they needed a top-of-the-line annual report, I had plenty of ideas. The theme I collaborated on for not only the annual report, but also the accompanying event, was “Know Your Roots,” playing off the idea that Aurora’s experts know their farmer’s crop roots as well, as their family roots and heritage. This makes them the best option for ongoing advice and farm products. 

I researched and presented the solution of integrating augmented reality into both the report and the annual event. This extra integration allowed us to track the engagement of the owner operators at the event and beyond, as well as extend the amount of information that could be presented in the report with video, interactive aerial shots, and more. I designed, creative directed, and built all of the AR markers, some of the AR interactions, and the majority of the annual report, collaborating with redthread ads in the process. The annual report attracted more trackable interaction than any prior year.